• Scientists around the world

    Active people need to be known

    If we miss you or write wrong information in this list, please let us know.


    1. Yuan Lu, Tsinghua University: Expanding the genetic code, artificial life, biosensoring, biorobot, membrane protein, complicated protein, etc.
    2. Zhinan Xu, Zhejiang University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    3. Jiazhang Lian, Zhejiang University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    4. Hao Qi, Tianjin University: Molecular biology, etc.
    5. Dayong Yang, Tianjin University: Artificial cell, etc.
    6. Y. H. Percival Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Synthetic enzymatic pathway, etc.
    7. Chun You, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Synthetic enzymatic pathway, chemicals, etc.
    8. Zhiguang Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Synthetic enzymatic pathway, bioenergy, etc.
    9. Tiangang Liu, Wuhan University: Metabolic engineering, etc.
    10. Jian Li, ShanghaiTech University: Protein synthesis, natural product biosynthesis, etc.
    11. Lei Kai, Jiangsu Normal University: Membrane protein, artificial cell, etc.
    12. Tetsuya Yomo, East China Normal University: Artificial cell, etc.


    1. James R. Swartz, Stanford University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    2. James J. Collins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Biosensoring, etc.
    3. Richard M. Murray, California Institute of Technology: Protein synthesis, etc.
    4. Michael C. Jewett, Northwestern University: Yeast cell-free, PTM, unAAs, etc.
    5. Vincent Noireaux, University of Minnesota: E. coli cell-free, artificial cell, etc.
    6. Bradley C. Bundy, Brigham Young University: Protein synthesis, prototyping, etc.
    7. Dan Luo, Cornell University: DNA nanotechnology, etc.
    8. Neha Kamat, Northwestern University: Biomembrane engineering, etc.
    9. Julius Lucks, Northwestern University: RNA design & engineering, etc.
    10. Jeffrey D. Varner, Cornell University: Physiochemical modeling, etc.
    11. Adam R. Abate, University of California, San Francisco: Microfluidics, etc.
    12. Cheemeng Tan, University of California Davis: Artificial cell, etc.
    13. Allen P. Liu, University of Michigan: Bottom-up synthetic biology, etc.
    14. Kate Adamala, University of Minnesota: Prototyping, synthetic cells, etc.
    15. Seok Hoon Hong, Illinois Institute of Technology: Protein synthesis, etc.
    16. Nigel Reuel, Iowa State University of Science and Technology: Protein prototyping, etc.
    17. Yongchan Kwon, Louisiana State University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    18. Javin P. Oza, California Polytechnic State University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    19. Chenguang Fan, The University of Arkansas: PTMs, etc.


    1. Takuya Ueda, Waseda University: PURE system, etc.
    2. Atsushi Ogawa, Ehime University: Wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis, etc.
    3. Tatsuya Sawasaki, Ehime University: Wheat cell-free technology, etc.
    4. Tomoaki Matsuura, Osaka University: Reconstituted cell-free system, etc.
    5. Kohsuke Honda, Osaka University: In vitro metabolic engineering, etc.
    6. Yoshihiro Shimizu, RIKEN: PURE system, etc.
    7. Shigeyuki Yokoyama, RIKEN: Structural biology, etc.
    8. Hideki Taguchi, Tokyo Institute of Technology: Reconstituted cell-free system, etc.
    9. Hiroaki Imataka, University of Hyogo: Reconstituted cell-free system, etc.
    10. Kei Fujiwara, Keio University: Artificial cell, cell-free proteomics study, etc.
    11. Hideo Nakano, Nagoya University: Protein synthesis, etc.


    1. Stefan Kubick, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology: Eukaryotic cell-free, etc.
    2. Petra Schwille, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry: Membrane proteins, artificial cell, etc.
    3. Volker Dötsch, Goethe University Frankfurt: Cell-free expression & membrane proteins, etc.
    4. Volker Sieber, Technische Universitat Munchen: In vitro metabolic engineering, etc.
    5. Eric Beitz, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel: Membrane protein, etc.
    6. Annette G. Beck-Sickinger, Leipzig University: Membrane protein, etc.


    1. Roy H. Bar-Ziv, Weizmann Institute of Science: Artificial biosystems, etc.


    1. Paul S. Freemont, Imperial College London: In vitro prototype engineering, etc.
    2. Tom Ellis, Imperial College London: Cell-free prototyping, etc.
    3. Simon Moore, University of Kent: Cell-free protein synthesis, Natural products, etc.


    1. Dong-Myung Kim, Chungnam National University: Protein synthesis, etc.
    2. Jamin Koo, Hongik University: Synthesis of complicated proteins, etc.


    1. Keith Pardee, University of Toronto: Biosensoring, etc.


    1. Sebastian Maerkl, EPFL: Biological network characterization, etc.
    2. Sven Panke, ETHZ: Metabolic engineering, directed evolution, etc.


    1. Olivier Borkowski, University of Paris-Saclay: Cell-free prototyping, etc.